it’s dark like knuckle buster absorbed so much electricity that there wasnt enough to supply the lightings


Episode 130 in a nutshell.

"Link… He… He spoke." 

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ARTIST: Nick Oleksiak
TRACK: Mt. Chimney (Fanmade)


Last one, I swear.

Now listen to this AMAZING fanmade version of Mt. Chimney’s theme. 



Mega Darlings <3


So fluffy! Mega Camerupt!!

Corocoro Leaks are of Mega Camerupt and Mega Sharpedo and I love them so much!!! So awesome and cute! I will draw Mega Sharpedo/Archie after my class, aaaaahh!! *rushes away*

Oh, done herdin’ for today, Link?  Well, nice work. 

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"I’m going to the place he is in the real world." 

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