Don’t wish to die? Too bad for you. You are already one of us.

Warrior of the seas that is revived from the bottom of the dark abyss!
Line up and show me your mighty power!


"In that kind of fight, the winner takes everything that the loser has.
Of course, that includes the loser’s entire fortune.

The Deputy Master Knight that leads the “Jewel Knights”; who are elite knights of the clan “Royal Paladin”. She possesses the Magical Jewel “Blue Diamond”, which cannot be scratched by any blades. She comes from an elven royal family, and is versatile in combat, politics and strategies.

Become a shock wave and awaken the blue dragon!

Whirling wind and surging wave! Call forth a fierce storm and bring down blue judgment upon the one who incurs your wrath!

Scorching soul! Smash everything with your steel fists!

I’m gonna pack my fist with these two souls! Fill me up and tremble! Make him surrender!

Connect with a solitary soul at the end of the exitless underworld.
Fight together, my avatar of sin!

VG-TD16 Divine Judgment of the Bluish Flames
VG-TD17 Will of the Locked Dragon

You who received the blessing of the great saint, line up here!
Brandish your sword and destroy my disobedient enemy!