Ace dragons appreciation post.

Sorry kid, you don’t mean anything to him. Better luck next time.

Blazing Perdition

Strange… This doughnut is salty.”

The general term for the troop lead by the awakened Vice Admiral “Maelstrom”. Only elites with outstanding ability in all aspects, such as martial power and tactical intelligence, are allowed to join this troop. Though being unstable, it is said that they can even surpass the Tidal Troops if they exert their true strength. Thus, they have become the center of attention within Aqua Force.

Let there be light! Give power to that hidden fiery soul!
Take revenge on the enemy with power that’s fired up with passion and hope!

Don’t wish to die? Too bad for you. You are already one of us.

Warrior of the seas that is revived from the bottom of the dark abyss!
Line up and show me your mighty power!


"In that kind of fight, the winner takes everything that the loser has.
Of course, that includes the loser’s entire fortune.